About us

Telecommunications service

Temiandu is a software development company for the telecommunications market. The company is backed by a financial fund for the research and development of new technologies. Our development bases are in Bolivia, Paraguay, Panama, Romania and USA. .

Why choosing us?

Because we offer the most innovative solutions and the quality service your company requires.


“Temiandu offers you VAS solutions adapted to your Company”

We plan the project for your company and its customers’ requirements, innovate and expand your services, increase your competitive advantages, and support the profit increase for your company.

For better access to the applications and services we offer you, we provide the most complete web plattforms for the management and control, constantly innovating in the access to the information in these technologies.

The support is a really important process, it helps to develop the project and maintain its relevance. That`s why we are ready to offer you our support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can always count on us!

Complementary services for telecommunications and surveillance. Added value services for mobile companies with the best technology, increase your possibilities, your clients and your services with us.

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