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A service Temiandu offers for the recording of voice messages and the customizing of a voice mail for the mobile phone users. This service has a complete platform for the management of the voice messages (which in the fixed network becomes some kind of an answering machine)


The service of interactive USSD with active Geo-Localization, allows the sending of USSD pull messages (made by the subscriber), and USSD push messages (originated by some element in the network). This way it is posible the realization of marketing (and other) campaigns, considering the location data of the final subscriber. Our USDD and GMLC are developed having in mind the highest quality standards.


With these product, the operator client thas does not have credit or simply doesn´t want to pay for a call, can request a collect call to another client of the operator with more credit. This platform improves the completion of the calls, lowering the probability of non-completed calls due to lack of credit.


The calls without credit are no longer a problema to the operator…
With TIMBRAZO we identify when a user cannot complete a call due to lack of credit, sending automatically a TIMBRAZO to user B. With this simple procedure we generate a recall from User B to User A.


In many ocassions we listen a song in the street and we want it as a ringtone or backtone but we dont remember the name of the song nor the artist. With this platform the user can call a short number and the application will automatically record the audio received in the call. Through a process called Fingerprint we will search for a database of songs already registered to answer the user by an SMS with the name of the song and the artist.



The RingBackTone is a service that allows people who call the company users to listen to a song assigned as RBT, it has been one of the most popular VAS during the last 5 years and it has had a visible growth and has generated stable income for the operators.